Transparency on Commission: What I Charge and What You Get

I was trained that you don't talk commission until you are in someone's house and have time to show your value. However, I have come to realize that time is our MOST precious commodity and a lot of my time this year was spent trying to convince people of my value who were only interested in price. (They are two different things!)

I am breaking down the walls and being more transparent. Here is exactly what I charge for commission when I sell a home and the value I provide in return. Remember, you are paying your Realtor for their professional expertise!

Also, I always pay at least 2.8% commission to any Buyer's Agents that I work with on a transaction. When interviewing agents, find out how much they are compensating the agent on the other side of the transaction. This can make a difference in your showings and offers. This is a also point where we see "bait and switch" happening in our industry.

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