Aim Realty Company Values

The year, and the decade, are coming to an end and the next phase for Aim Realty will involve growing my team. As I work through the best way to do that, I know that it is time to get clarity out our company's values so that we are all in alignment. Here is what I have laid out:

Aim Realty Company Values

1) Work Hard, Live Well

We aim for excellence.

We are present where our feet are.

We get dirty if necessary.

2) Better Today Than Yesterday

We are growth minded.

We are self starters.

We strive for self awareness.

3) We Plan to Succeed

We think before we act.

We plan before we execute.

We are problem solvers.

4) We Choose Joy

We ground ourselves in gratitude.

We don't blame and shame.

We realize that only we are responsible for how we feel.

5) We Are Servant Leaders

We show up well for others.

We ask how we can help.

We show up with our hands and our hearts.

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