3rd Quarter 2019 Statistics for 48 Broomfield, Colorado Neighborhoods

Here are the latest numbers comparing the health of the Broomfield housing market last year and this year, plus a breakdown at the stats of the 48 Broomfield, Colorado neighborhoods (in alphabetical order). This information is year-to-date through August 31st, 2019 and comparing the data to August 31st, 2018 statistics.

What follows is a high level and it is important to remember that every property is unique. I did not pull statistics for neighborhoods that have horse properties or are made up of newer custom homes on varying lot sizes since those properties are extremely different from one another.

As you can see overall, prices in Broomfield and most Broomfield neighborhoods are up on average. Days on market are also up and the final sales price to original list price is down. We are still in an extremely healthy market for Sellers and a healthier situation for Buyers moving to, and within, Broomfield. More days on market means more opportunities for second showings, more room for negotiation, and less multiple offer bidding wars for Buyers. However, Sellers are still building equity and selling their homes for more this year than last year. Homes are also still selling relatively quickly!

Don't panic if you look at your neighborhood and the average price is down. There is probably a story there that needs to be explored further. Neighborhood statistics can be impacted by the makeup of the neighborhood. Some Broomfield homes are in neighborhoods with homes from the 1980s, 1990s and 2000s. Some existing homes sit along side new build home sites. Also, keep in mind that you may live in a neighborhood with several homes selling this year in less that desirable locations or condition, or even several homes that were not fully prepared to sell for the highest price with staging and professional photos.

Always get a professional opinion with eyes on your specific property and the comps that make sense for YOUR home when making pricing decisions!

Jen Allen

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