House Goals Tracker

As I started working on my business and personal goals for 2019, I thought of those of you out there with big house goals. Whether it is to pay off your current home and be debt free (incredible!) or to finally have a down payment to buy your first (or next!) home, there is a tracker for you.

You can determine the value that each of the 20 lines represents. Maybe it is a dollar amount or percentage of your total goal. Whatever it is, make sure it makes sense for you in the goal date you write at the top. Remember, there is no failing, only learning, so feel free to print it again and make adjustments as needed!

Do you have a different house goal that you think this tracker would be good for? Email me at and I will gladly make you a PDF for that goal!

Click on the image below to open the printable PDF to reach your goal:

Saving for House Tracker

Pay off the House Tracker

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