Track your home's equity with Homebot.

Simply put, the goal of this report is to empower you to maximize your wealth, both short-term and long-term, using your home as one of the largest financial assets you may ever own.

The name of this report is the "Homebot Digest".

Your Homebot Digest will be highly personalized to your current home finance position and will provide powerful yet simple recommendations to build and maximize your wealth.

Easily find:

  • your current and historical estimated market value of your home

  • the appreciation since you purchased your home

  • your net worth/equity in your home

  • a breakdown of principal & interest paid

  • tips for how to save on interest payments

  • your purchasing power to buy an investment property or trade up to a new home

  • how much your home (or a room in your home) would rent for on services like Airbnb or VRBO

  • your current cash-out potential for doing things like consolidating high-interest debt or increasing home value through home improvement

Additionally, Homebot engages both me and a highly-rated local lender to contribute expert knowledge that can only be gained from the people who know your neighborhood best.

Finally, Homebot includes a monthly valuation for your home. And, like other sites that use automated models, they can sometimes be off the mark. No worries! Just challenge the value (click the "Not my value" button) and Homebot will ask me to do a valuation analysis for your home, which I'll be happy to do.

Click here to get your Homebot Digest!

You will receive the email from Homebot and it will include a link to click-through to the full report for your home, which allows you to interact with the data more specifically to your interests.

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