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Whether you are trying to decide if now is the time to sell, curious if your home value is near the appraised value, or considering taking out a HELOC, knowing the value of your largest asset is an important part of your financial portfolio.​

Every home is unique and it is important that you have a professional look at your home and the recent comparable properties. They should take into account the current market and where it is going, and the condition of your property. It is nearly impossible for a computer algorithm to accurately assess the value of your home, and it is a disservice to yourself to not dig deeper into the true value.

I am happy to gather information about your home and present you with a clear picture of the value of your property.

Email me at Please send me the following information so that I can give you the best analysis possible:

1) Name

2) Address & Neighborhood Name

3) Recent Updates and Improvements

4) Phone Number (in case of additional follow-up questions)

That's it! I will respond to the email so that you know I am going to start working on your home valuation and give you a time frame of when to expect the results (typically within 24 hours, however I am a human being and not a machine, so it may take a bit longer!)

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